travel documents of the future

given that:

a) the federal government is continuing to push on the concept of documentation -- both in the name of anti-terrorism and for the sake of illegal immigration.


b) a change of parties at the top of the has changed nothing relative to travel and security ... the entire obama administration the US has been at homeland security threat level orange (the penultimate level -- red is the top, roughly translated as "planes are flying into buildings") ... americans have never been told by their government what needs to happen to lower the threat level.


c) efforts to establish national ID cards seem to forever start-then-stall.


d) foreigners traveling to the US have to be finger printed and/or eye scanned.

my guess is that in less than 10 years, if you fly -regardless of nationality- you'll be required to have a passport.  this is going to shock a country where 85% of the people don't even carry that document.